Who am I? Well just another foodie – a fan of Japanese food, in particular vegetarian Japanese food and wild flavors.

My name is Sam, and I grew up in a mix of food environments, but have never gotten over my first taste of Wasabi, which unfortunately I took in a rather large dollop.

Over the years my interest in Japanese cuisine grew, and though I wouldnt say that I have one of the best palates out there, I would say I know what I like the taste of, and I think most people enjoy foods I pick out for them when I host people at home.


(and why did I misspell it? )

Well I came across the domain name in an auction, and I loved the sound of it so much, I bought it, without realizing that the spelling was incorrect. But that’s not a bad thing, I think it is a perfect way to brand myself from hundreds of other food bloggers out there, better to have the wrong spelling of wasabi, than to be remembered than to have the right one and be forgotten 😛

What is BIGWASSABI.com all about?

Big Wassabi - Japanese food Fan

I thought I would like to keep a diary, a cookbook, a recipe book and my experiences of various Japanese and sometimes other oriental fodd – how better to do it online, and let others read, critique, hate or love my opinions?

Over the next few months I will fill in my past experiences, as I have quite a few noted down, as well as add notes on new ones.

Please join me on this journey!

Sam – I am a Food Fan.